Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Thankful for VIPKid

Five Reasons I'm Thankful to
Teach for VIPKid

1.  My smile muscles are stronger!   With limited language, my students depend on my body language, so I try to smile. . . A LOT.   I don't think I was necessarily sad before, but I've noticed I feel happy most of the time.  I think smiling is good for me. 

2.  I love online teaching.  It has so many benefits. For one, I get to spend my time TEACHING.  My students can't sneeze on me, cough on me, kick me or bite me.  In the rare case they misbehave, they have a parent nearby to take care of it. 

3.  I miss teaching my little ones and this helps fill that empty spot.  One of my children was diagnosed late with hearing loss. Teaching him to talk required many of the same skills as teaching English as a second langugage. It's neat for me to put that experience to good use. The curriculum is very good. Anyone with any type of teaching experience would catch on quickly. 

4. It doesn't interfere with the rest of my life. I go to bed a little earlier, but that's about all.  I don't usually have other activities that interfere with 5-7 a.m. ( or even 6-8 a.m. before the time change.)

5. They pay me.  Yep. It's true.  I shared my bank account info with a foreign entity and they faithfully pay me every month. (I didn't even have to send them $1,000 first.)  Seriously, ya'll. This is legit. VIPKid was named the #1 Work from Home job by Forbes.  I make about $20 an hour for teaching (give or take a little for bonuses and no shows.)

Want to join the fun?   We'd love to help you apply.*   Start here.
*You do need a bachelor's degree and some teaching experience. Teaching experience doesn't have to be in a classroom setting and the bachelor's degree doesn't have to be in education.

Monday, May 28, 2018

HomeWorks Blog Posts

Isn't it fun to do something you REALLY love doing?  I really love to write.

Many years ago when the children were small, I wrote a couple articles that were published in a small homeschool magazine, Encouraging Word.

Some time ago, I spent a delightful evening with a new friend. She and her family have just purchased a large farmhouse, and the previous owners left her a large shelf of homeschool books. We were having fun going through the books when I spotted a couple of issues of the magazine. Imagine my delight. . .and swallowed pride. . .as I showed my friend my name on the articles.

I haven't written much in the past few years. With so many responsibilities, I feel guilty taking time to write purely for enjoyment. However, not long after that evening with my friend, I had the joy of receiving a check, albeit small, for writing! Now I can write and not feel guilty. And when a little check comes in the mail, I am reminded to write a little something else. 😉

Here's a list of my writing on the HomeWorks Blog.  My favorites are probably "Bubble with Joy" and "How to Build a Reluctant Reader"

1. What’s Your Why?
(Blog/HomeWorks By Precept Blog) journey and provide you with help and encouragement along the way! Meet the Author Cynda Moore - HomeWorks by Precept Consultant ...
Friday, 27 April 2018

2. 7 Tips for Newbie Homeschooling Parents
(Blog/HomeWorks By Precept Blog)
... . the list is endless! These opportunities make homeschooling special. Meet the Author Cynda Moore, HomeWorks by Precept Consultant & Homeschool Mom
Wednesday, 26 July 2017

3. A Time to Keep and a Time to Cast Away
(Blog/HomeWorks By Precept Blog)
...’ll feel much more inspired to get started on a new school year. Meet the Author Cynda Moore, HomeWorks by Precept Consultant & Homeschool Mom
Thursday, 01 June 2017

4. Legal Requirements and How to Homeschool – Kentucky
(Blog/HomeWorks By Precept Blog)
...requirements. You can also check your state laws on the HSLDA website. Meet the Author Cynda Moore, HomeWorks by Precept Consultant & Homeschool Mom
Tuesday, 23 May 2017

5. Minimizing Grading Time – Maximizing Teaching Time
(Blog/HomeWorks By Precept Blog)
...hool time more efficiently. What are your time-saving grading tips? Meet the Author Cynda Moore, HomeWorks by Precept Consultant & Homeschool Mom
Thursday, 23 March 2017

6. Homeschool Hacks for Time Management
(Blog/HomeWorks By Precept Blog) want to see them excel, do them in a way that benefits them the most. Meet the Author Cynda Moore, HomeWorks by Precept Consultant & Homeschool Mom
Tuesday, 14 March 2017

7. Minimizing Planning Time – Maximizing Teaching Time
(Blog/HomeWorks By Precept Blog)
...or minimizing time for planning so you can maximize time for teaching? Meet the Author Cynda Moore, HomeWorks by Precept Consultant & Homeschool Mom
Monday, 13 March 2017

8. Budgeting Funds for Homeschool
(Blog/HomeWorks By Precept Blog)
...tanding the pricing structure, to come up with a plan that is practical. Meet the Author Cynda Moore, HomeWorks by Precept Consultant & Homeschool Mom
Thursday, 09 March 2017

9. Curriculum and Cooking
(Blog/HomeWorks By Precept Blog) with your curriculum, but use it to cook up an education that is wonderful for your family. By Cynda Moore Cynda MooreHomeWorks Consultant at: ...
Thursday, 17 November 2016

10. Ready, Set, Order!
(Blog/HomeWorks By Precept Blog)
...orget to do the SIMPLE things that keep everyone fed, clean, and happy. Ready, Set, Order! By Cynda Moore HomeWorks Consultant & Homeschool Mom ...
Thursday, 18 August 2016

11. Bubble With Joy
(Blog/HomeWorks By Precept Blog)
...ope will reach first? The precious children beside you in your homeschooling journey. By Cynda Moore HomeWorks Consultant & Homeschool Mom ...
Thursday, 11 August 2016

12. How to Build a Reluctant Reader
(Blog/HomeWorks By Precept Blog)
... a major change in habits, your child is likely to remain a reluctant reader for a long time. By Cynda Moore Cynda MooreHomeWorks Consultant at:
Tuesday, 28 June 2016

13. Saving Student Work
(Blog/Sharon Fisher Blog)
...knowledge and wisdom you are imparting are stored safely in your students’ minds and hearts. By Cynda Moore HomeWorks Consultant and Homeschool Mom
Thursday, 02 June 2016

...rther in a subject that may have ignited a spark of passion. For those things, they need a teacher. Cynda Moore, HomeWorks Consultant 270-378-525...
Wednesday, 10 February 2016

15. Distance Learning Meets Our Family's Homeschool Needs
(Blog/HomeWorks By Precept Blog)
...stance learning, I encourage you to contact your consultant today. I know you’ll be glad you did. Cynda Moore HomeWorks Consultant & Distance Learning User 270-378-5251 http://www.homewor...
Thursday, 10 December 2015

16. What About Electives?
(Blog/HomeWorks By Precept Blog)
...iver Education What would your students love to study as an elective? Please leave a comment. By Cynda Moore, HomeWorks Consultant
Saturday, 05 September 2015

17. How to Set Up Testing for Your Homeschool Student
(Blog/HomeWorks By Precept Blog)
...instance, but that information does not go to IOWA™ with any link to your individual child. By Cynda Moore HomeWorks Consultant and Homeschool Mom
Tuesday, 30 June 2015

18. Determining the Need for Year-End Assessments
(Blog/HomeWorks By Precept Blog)
...iscount on the fee for access to the materials. What about you? Can you add to this list? By Cynda Moore HomeWorks Consultant and Homeschool Mom
Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Mama’s Mission: Inspiring Your Child to Love Missions

            When I was about seventeen years old, I was doing what many seventeen-year-old Christians do.  I was pondering God’s will for my life but not coming to any conclusions very quickly. My mother, sharing her heart, said to me, “Cynda, you could do absolutely anything you want to in life. You’re having so much trouble deciding that I’m starting to wonder if you are called to be a missionary. Just so you know. . . I don’t really want you to be a missionary.”
            I think many mothers, even devout Christian mothers, if they were honest as mine, would say the same.
Mission Inspiration #1 – Decide if God wants your children involved in missionary work – that you are at least ok with that. 
            God never called me to be a missionary.  So far, I’ve considered my life’s calling to be a wife and a mother and to homeschool my children. Perhaps God will call one of my children to become missionaries. . . (Reminding myself again of Mission Inspiration #1.) Because I am at least kind of ok with my children becoming missionaries and totally ok with them sending their support, missionary studies have always been part of our homeschooling journey.

Mission Inspiration #2 – Make missionary studies part of your homeschooling journey.
            Missionaries have some great stories. My husband has read many missionary biographies to the children. We’ve listened to stories about Hudson Taylor, Adoniram Judson, and Gladys Alward. We’ve read all about the history of Wycliffe Bible Translators and Missionary Aviation Fellowship (MAF). We’ve read about Betty Greene, who piloted the first missionary aviation flight. These were fun times as a family, with the children usually begging for just one more chapter to hear the next exciting part of these missionaries’ lives. This wasn’t doing school, per se, but to understand the stories the children learned a lot of geography and history that stuck with them.  Of course, they encountered these heroes of the faith in their regular school work, too. Over time, I believe they have become just that to my children – heroes with lots of adventures.

Mission Inspiration #3 – Go camping and be adventurous.
            The number one reason our family has done lots of camping is because it makes vacation possible for a family of seven living primarily on one income. We can buy a lot of great school books for the same cost of getting TWO hotel rooms even for a weekend.  Just sayin’.
            The children have learned that living conditions don’t have to be perfect to have a good time.  The thought of being a little hot, or sleeping on the ground, or eating simply for a few days just really isn’t a big deal. And, it’s fun to see a new part of the world. We’ve hiked and camped from Florida to California and many places in between. We have our own adventure and misadventure stories to tell.
Mission Inspiration #4 – Do stuff. If you run out of stuff do to do – find stuff to do for others.
            We have never considered ourselves unschoolers, but we do try to leave lots of time for projects, interests, and helping others. For us, that has meant things like building a small barn out of pallets, making a zip line to haul wood down from the hills, building an outside wood-burner, helping neighbors with clean up and construction projects, and wiring up a house with a grandparent who is also an electrician.
            Little by little, the children are learning work ethics and valuable skills which could be used on the mission field.
Mission Inspiration #5 – Enjoy the Joy
The Bible says, “I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth.”  
My seventeen year old son just got back from a short-term missionary trip to Haiti. It was his second trip. I have had a few people (that don’t know him very well) ask me if he wanted to go or if my husband and I had “sent” him. It was definitely that he wanted to go. In fact, he had been saving money and praying for the opportunity to make another trip.
It got me to thinking about Isaac’s background and how it had prepared him for the trip. When he heard that they were taking a Missionary Aviation Flight across Haiti, his face lit up. It seems I only hear the word “surreal” in sports movies, but it was definitely “surreal” to me that Isaac was on a MAF flight after reading about it as a child. The team wired several staff houses and the orphanage at the mission. Isaac had done the same kind of “stuff” with his Grandpa. They also camped during their stay and enjoyed the beautiful Caribbean beach nearby.
Now for the disclaimers: I don’t have all the parenting answers, and I realize things still hang in the balance as far as how the kids turn out. I can only say that God does have wisdom and I am trying to learn from Him. I left out the parts where my son forgot his sunglasses, left his ipod on the beach where it was stolen, and worried his team members when he wondered from the group at night. He is seventeen and not forty-seven.  However, right now, I am hearing that my children are walking in truth, and I can honestly say, I have no greater joy.
Cynda Moore is a wife, mother, homeschooler and a consultant with Homeworks Marketing.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Hurry up and Wait!

While it seems that all of my older children are growing up way too fast, this little one inside of me can't grow fast enough to suit me. I'm ready for November to be here. . .yesterday!

There are a few examples in the Bible when people were told to hurry. Lot was told to hurry and leave Sodom. Abigail hurried to make a meal for David and his men. The women at the tomb hurried to tell the disciples the news of Jesus. The disciples hurried to go to the tomb.

There is an appointed time for everything. (Ecc. 3:1)  It seems, however that the Bible has much more to say about waiting.

Waiting is tough. Waiting for a child is one of the toughest waits. I remember one time describing to my children that patience is "waiting with a smile." I know it goes so much deeper -- that quiet reliance and sweet trust in our Lord. But sometimes. . .just the basics . . . is hard.

We are all waiting.
We are awaiting the hope of heaven.
Our grief over loved ones who walked with the Lord is not because of their heavenly home, but our wait to join them there and see them once again.

That doesn't mean we have to smile all the time. Proverbs 13:12 says, "Hope deferred makes the heart sick. (NIV)" We even know there is "a time to mourn" (Ecc 3:4)

But along with that, there is also a time for rejoicing! When we can. . .when there are happy times in our lives in the midst of our waiting . . . we may as well smile while we wait when we can.

Love is patient.

Love waits.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

A Day in the Life of Our Homeschool

A few activities from ONE day of our homeschool :-)

#1) I see Samuel coming down with the microscope because Mrs. Vick used a microscope in science class today. Hannah can’t resist and she joins him for a while looking at things under the microscope. Samuel asks me to please let him know the next time I let bread mold so he can look at it.

#2) Faith goes to violin lessons. A neighbor takes her for me.

#3) I have a conference with Isaac. I assign specific due dates for a response to literature, a memorization quiz for the preamble to the constitution, a chemistry lab, and history project involving the names of local areas. I had watched the lessons on the response to literature the evening before, and was again reminded how much I love this curriculum with its encouragement of a personal walk with the Lord.

#4) Faith has a lesson on Beatrix Potter. Since Justin is studying “authors” and “illustrators” this week in K5 with an emphasis on Beatrix Potter, I let him watch the lesson with her. Faith has a print out of the characters that she cut out and attached brads and straws so they are movable. She plans to do a shadow play with them today.

#5) Samuel insists that I go back and watch Lesson 46 in his reading. So, I sit and watch it with him while eating my lunch. It is a hilarious poem about a girl who talks to her plants. The teacher discusses alliteration, assonance, and reading aloud with appropriate emphasis. She also explains “overstatement” and Samuel prints off a cartoon page where he can write his own overstatements. We giggle about those all day, and everyone he shows it to comes up with their own ideas.
The teacher also shows different kinds of plants and how to put them together into a gift basket. She explains to the students that this can be a type of ministry for them. (We did a similar thing for a grandma recently and this is why Samuel wanted me to watch it.) I learned that I can plant my daffodils behind my hastas and hide them after they’re no longer pretty. In the afternoon, Faith and Samuel dig up some tiny cedar trees that were going to be trodden and replanted them for future gift basket use.   

#6) Faith asks me to get her a notebook or folder to save her special work in. She’s especially proud of her poem about Tow Trucks with the picture she drew.

#7) I find Hannah on the porch with her portable DVD player and her math book. Yes, it’s a beautiful day! She’s watching her math lesson and enjoying the great outdoors at the same time.

#8) Faith has made a game (looks like some sort of board game) and is playing it with Justin. I’m not quite sure what lesson that went with, but I have time to bake a meal for a new mama.

#9) Justin asks me how to spell several words for a birthday card for Faith. He also draws a really neat volcano just because he wants to.

I love all this activity in my house. I wouldn't like directing all this activity at my house, but I love smiling and encouraging their projects.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Hannah, Samuel, Faith, and Justin's School Year Plans

Hannah’s School Plan
BJU Press J

Math 7 – DVD Distance Learning with Mr. Harmon

Life Science 7 – DVD Distance Learning with Mrs. Vick

Writing and Grammar / Explorations in Literature – DVD Distance Learning

Spelling 6

History with the Youngers to cover a piece of American History I hadn’t covered with her – with additional readers and memorization.

Plus Extras. We're kind of still thinking on that.

Samuel’s School Year Plan

Reading 5 – DVD Distance Learning with Mrs. Walker
Science 6 – Online with Mrs. Vick (before it ends in December)
English – Online Mrs. Cox until it ends in December
Math – finishing up Book 4 with Mrs. Vick as quickly as possible
Handwriting, Spelling, History, Bible all with Mom – and all BJU Press
When I pick up teaching English in the spring, I plan to add some Charlotte Mason type activities: copywork, dictation, and memorization, etc.

Faith’s School Year Plan
Reading 4 – as much as we can finish before December
English 3 – until December
Math 4 – starting in December
Handwriting, Spelling, History 4, Bible, and Math with Mom – and all BJU Press
When her Online Reading expires in December, I may combine BJU Press with Rod and Staff for a semester. My older kids learned so much Bible with the BJU Press readers, and I don’t want her to miss them. I will NOT be using R&S workbooks though.
Violin Lessons and Gymnastics

Justin's School Year Plan
K5 Beginnings –covers everything but math and Bible
Bible – a few lessons from MFW K, Bible story books
Math 1 with Mrs. Lawson
Lots of Read-Alouds – I pulled a whole shelf full of books, and I want to make sure to read to him.
Speech: s blends and final consonants    Language: Using subject pronouns correctly.